How does homemade body armor made from t-shirts, paper, and duct tape hold up to bullets?

This test of homemade body armor by Demolition Ranch reads like the old fable of the Three Little Pigs. This little piggy made body armor out of T-Shirts. This little piggy used duct tape. And this one used a stack of printer paper. Which homemade body armor can withstand the big bad wolf bullet? Well, they each sort… »10/27/15 3:40pm10/27/15 3:40pm

​The Most Miserable Princess Ever: Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Earlier this month, fashion's fanciest gathered in Salzburg for the annual Chanel Métiers d'Art collection. The runway show, meant to showcase the brand's couture bona fides, was held in a palace, featured Alpine-inspired looks and models looped around a centerpiece laden with fruits and sweets. To launch the… »12/18/14 1:29pm12/18/14 1:29pm

Disney Exec Says Women Are Hard to Animate Because of Emotions

This Thanksgiving, Disney's studios will release Frozen, an infinitely license-able animated family film with a cast of main characters consisting of a reindeer (prediction: bumbling but lovable!), a talking snowman (prediction: sassy in a dumb way!) and four animated humans — two boy cartoons, two girl cartoons.… »10/08/13 5:16pm10/08/13 5:16pm

Yeah, pretty much just went from "OMG Cool!" to "Really? meh" - barring a star gate, this has to be the stupidest justification for interstellar travel I've ever heard. As others said, greenhouses, orbital farms, or any number of scenarios make more sense than travelling many light years to find a place with an… »8/31/13 5:01pm8/31/13 5:01pm